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Delaware: 1.500 Euro

B.V.I.: 2.500 Euro

UK: 1.500 Euro

Panama: 3.000 Euro

- Complete Set of Corporate documents,
- Certificates with Public Notary Apostille,
- Shares of Membership Certificates,
- Nominee Director (if required),
- Nominee Shareholder (if required),
- Iron Seal,
- Registered office,
- Registedred Agent,
- Swiss Domicile,
- Mail forwarding,
- Swiss Bank Account,
- Annual Tax for the first year.


italiano Italian version

ESflag Spanish version

Panama Corporation

Panama Corporations

Panama Corporations are the most anonymous corporations in the world.

Panama Corporation Anonymity
Under Panama law a S.A. corporation (bearer share corporation) can be owned by the physical holder of certificates of stock with no recorded owner in any database or public registry. In fact the government does not even know who the owners are of the bearer share corporation. The Nominee Directors can be hired and are thus employees, not owners and their names are recorded in the public registry but we provide the nominee directors for you to preserve your anonymity. You can effectively transfer the stock certificates privately with no record of the sale appearing anywhere. The new owner can replace the directors with his own directors and even have resignation letters in his possession for the directors.

What can you do with your Panama company?
A Panama corporation can own bank accounts, stock trading accounts, real estate, boats, planes, cars, art, jewelry, businesses, and other valuable assets all without revealing the actual ownership of the corporation. Additional complex strategies can be employed using our lawyer to perform certain functions for the corporation.

Panama Bearer Share Corporation Information:
- For a Corporation in Panama the shares may be issued in physical bearer form similar to the old bearer bonds with or without any par value assigned to the shares. The only documents publicly recorded are the articles of incorporation, which typically will list the officers and directors who are the nominee directors provided for you by us, and the registered agent. The actual owners would be the natural or judicial persons who actually have the physical shares of the corporation, which may be made out, in blank with no names on them. The identity of the owners does not appear in any public record of any sort and the government of Panama does not even know who they are. There is no requirement to report any changes in ownership to anyone.
- Panama requires no minimum amount of paid in capital for a corporation.
- Annual meetings of the shareholders, which would be the owners, or directors, which would be the nominee directors of the corporation, are not required.
- The corporations financial records can be kept anywhere in the world which makes legal discovery exasperating.
- The Panama Corporation Resident Agent does not need to keep the share certificates in his possession and has no obligation to maintain any records for the corporation. Share certificates can be kept at any location in the world and the location need not be disclosed to anyone.

Price: € 3,000.00

Shipping: Can ship anywhere by FedEx, the shipping cost is included in the price.

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