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Delaware: 1.500 Euro

B.V.I.: 2.500 Euro

UK: 1.500 Euro

Panama: 3.000 Euro

- Complete Set of Corporate documents,
- Certificates with Public Notary Apostille,
- Shares of Membership Certificates,
- Nominee Director (if required),
- Nominee Shareholder (if required),
- Iron Seal,
- Registered office,
- Registedred Agent,
- Swiss Domicile,
- Mail forwarding,
- Swiss Bank Account,
- Annual Tax for the first year.


italiano Italian version

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Panama Foundation

Panama foundation

A Panama Foundation: Ideal for assets protection

Incorporating a Panama Foundation is the ideal solution for those who want to protect their assets, while keeping the highest level of anonimity.

The Panama Foundation is very similar to the English Trust: the purpose is to have a structure able to administer properties and assets according to the will of the founder, stated in the Articles of the Foundation.

Panama Foundations differ from English Trusts for being more suitable to protect assets, because of its greater legal and operational flexibility. Here's a list of Panama Foundations features:

- The institution of the Panama Foundation, as opposed to English Trust, can have an indefinite duration,
- The Panama Foundation has its own legal personality, and it does not depend on the discretion of an individual, the Trustee, as happens in Trusts,
- The Founder may use the Nominee to increase the level of privacy,
- The statutes of the foundation that governs the activities of the Panamanian Foundation can be written in any language,
- Anyhow Total control of the assets will be administered by the founder,
- Absence of government controls,

The Foundation cam be incorporated fast and at low costs.

It should be noted that the level of anonymity for the beneficiaries of the Foundation is truly absolute: all the assets allocated to the Foundation belongs to it and no one else, and all information relating to the assets or beneficiaries of it, is held in strict confidence.

How to incorporate a Panama Foundation

Dicent S.A. provides an accurate preliminary advice service, targeted to the most careful consideration to the specific needs, and then provides a full service, turnkey, for training, management and administration of a Foundation under private law in Panama. Upon request, we can also provide any additional services that may be necessary.

We'll be happy to respond fully to your request and advise you!

Incorporate now a Foundation under private law in Panama!

Price: € 3,000.00

Shipping: Can ship anywhere by FedEx, the shipping cost is included in the price.

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