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Delaware: 1.500 Euro

B.V.I.: 2.500 Euro

UK: 1.500 Euro

Panama: 3.000 Euro

- Complete Set of Corporate documents,
- Certificates with Public Notary Apostille,
- Shares of Membership Certificates,
- Nominee Director (if required),
- Nominee Shareholder (if required),
- Iron Seal,
- Registered office,
- Registedred Agent,
- Swiss Domicile,
- Mail forwarding,
- Swiss Bank Account,
- Annual Tax for the first year.


italiano Italian version

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Swiss Bank Account

Bank Account in Switzerland

The Swiss Banking system is the most safe in the world; Swiss Bankers are known for their privacy, professionalism and discretion. Swiss banking laws are very strict and it is illegal for a banker to reveal the personal details of an account number unless ordered to do so by a Swiss judge.

This is long established in Swiss law. Any banker who reveals information about you without your consent risks a custodial sentance if convicted, with the only exceptions to this rule concerning serious violent crimes.

Swiss banking secrecy is not lifted for tax evasion. The reason for this is because failure to report income or assets is not considered a crime under Swiss banking law. As such, neither the Swiss government, nor any other government, can obtain information about your bank account. They must first convince a Swiss judge that you have committed a serious crime punishable by the Swiss Penal Code.

It is for these reasons that Swiss banks have such a formidable reputation and are so well respected around the world. Once the realm only of the wealthiest, high net worth individuals, Swiss bank accounts can now be set up for much lower costs. At we specialise in offering our clients the simplest and most confidential of services, ascting as agents for the biggest bank in Switzerland.

Private Banking Clients
Although private banking is not a simple business, there is a very simple business model to keep in mind: "keeping rich people happy". The definition of "private banking" varies from bank to bank but is generally taken to mean investment management offered on a personalised basis by a bank to an individual with disposable wealth of more than $10,000 (although some banks do not offer private banking services to clients with disposable wealth less than US$ 50,000). Private banking is obviously not synonymous with "offshore", but the costs of a personalised relationship begin to be worthwhile at the $10,000 + level in the light of the superior gains to be realised from offshore investment. Private bankers probably prefer themselves to be approached and considered as objective financial advisers rather than as an investment-provider, and consequently private banks may not be the most effective choice for a reasonably sophisticated investor who wants to play an active role in the management of his investments.

International Commercial Activities
Many of our clients utilise the companies we administer for commercial purposes, such as trading. In such circumstances an offshore bank that specialises in private banking or expatriates will be unsuitable. Our commercial clients seek similar services to an onshore commercial bank and will require access to some or all of the following services:
- Cash management.
- Foreign exchange and treasury services.
- International trade - letters of credit, documentary collections, cross-border guarantees and global banking services at locations around the world.
- Risk management: foreign exchange, interest rate, equity and energy price risk management tools.
- Payment, receivables and payroll solutions.
- Speciality solutions, such as dealer, shareowner and fund services.
- Expertise in matters such as energy, aviation, shipping or real estate.

How we match Clients to Banks
We know that once we understand our clients and their business objectives we will be able to assist our clients in identifying a suitable bank to work with. Some of the aspects we consider are:
1. The nationality, residence and domicile of our client. Banks often have policies that deny, restrict or place conditions upon certain classes of clients from having access to their services, and these policies change from time-to-time.
2. The proposed activities of the client company or trust that we administer.
Opening deposits and minimum balance requirements - these can be surprisingly large.
3. Bank charges and interest rates.
4. The availability or otherwise of online bank statements and reports.

We have considerable expertise in assisting clients to establish relationships with reputable offshore banking institutions as well as a wide range of international banks.

Price: € 1.000

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