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Compare and evaluate our offers:

Delaware: 1.500 Euro

B.V.I.: 2.500 Euro

UK: 1.500 Euro

Panama: 3.000 Euro

- Complete Set of Corporate documents,
- Certificates with Public Notary Apostille,
- Shares of Membership Certificates,
- Nominee Director (if required),
- Nominee Shareholder (if required),
- Iron Seal,
- Registered office,
- Registedred Agent,
- Swiss Domicile,
- Mail forwarding,
- Swiss Bank Account,
- Annual Tax for the first year.


italiano Italian version

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Tax Havens

Tax Haven Opportunity

Generally speaking the term Tax Haven, in parallel with Offshore Companies, is wrongly associated with negative concepts of "tax evasion", "fraud", "illegal activities"... Truth is, it is about states that for strategic reasons have chosen to adopt an especially facilitated taxation system, together with a rigorous system to guarantee banking secrecy, and an almost non-existent level of bureaucracy, that is ideal for attracting a high number of foreign investors with their large volumes of capital!

To date there are about 200 international jurisdictions that in some way can be classified as tax havens: each one has a specificity that differ from others: this requires serious study to be able to understand where and how a investor can reap real benefits from international law. In an attempt to classify tax havens (for a better understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each) we could divide between paradises for people and for companies, or between European tax havens and tax havens outside Europe. Still, one could distinguish between tax havensposted in the "Black list" of the Western states, and those who remained in the "white list". And we could still continue with other attempts at classification (for political stability, level of costs, and so on); therefore, it is clear how the concept of tax haven is flexible, and it is advisable to contact a professional advisor, capable of providing the right information addressing each investor to choose the best suited to each specific need.

For these reasons above, it can be difficult to imagine that even western nations, such as the United States of America (in the state of Delaware, New York, etc.), Switzerland (some cantons), and Ireland can be considered as tax havens ... Even the Vatican is part of this special classification, because then Vatican Bank is not subject to international laws on the control of financial entities and the related recommendations of international organizations like the OECD, that allows a level of flexibility and discretion typical of tax havens!

Using tax havens, with the assistance of consultant

Today we use the so-called tax havens mainly for the protection of capital and for reducing the tax burden. However, since tax evasion is a crime, running into legal problems, connected to crimes of evasion and fraud, can be a very unpleasant experience... To avoid problems of this nature, it becomes strategical to rely on a trusted and referenced advisor: with a proper study of Tax Planning he will create the preconditions to reduce substantially the tax burden, while remaining in absolute legality!

We can offer the best guarantees for the establishment of companies in all major offshore jurisdictions, such as company in Delaware, company in Panama, UK company, company in Switzerland and in many other countries. We create for you a Swiss Trust, Foundations, with the opening of an account in Switzerland with the issue of credit/debt card and account handling via internet.

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