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Delaware: 1.500 Euro

B.V.I.: 2.500 Euro

UK: 1.500 Euro

Panama: 3.000 Euro

- Complete Set of Corporate documents,
- Certificates with Public Notary Apostille,
- Shares of Membership Certificates,
- Nominee Director (if required),
- Nominee Shareholder (if required),
- Iron Seal,
- Registered office,
- Registedred Agent,
- Swiss Domicile,
- Mail forwarding,
- Swiss Bank Account,
- Annual Tax for the first year.


italiano Italian version

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United Kingdom Company Ltd

United Kingdom Company Ltd

Advantages and Benefits of a Limited Company
First and foremost, the principal benefit of trading via a limited company has always been the limited liability bestowed upon the company's officers and shareholders. As a sole trader or other non-limited business, personal assets can be at risk in the event of a failure of the business, but this is not the case for a limited company. As long as the business is operated legally and within the terms of the Companies Act, directors or shareholders personal assets are not at risk in the event of a winding up or receivership. And as often happens on occasion, such events are not always under our own control. There is no obligation for a limited company to commence trading within any set time period after its incorporation.

If a limited company becomes insolvent and is wound up only the assets of the company are used to try to clear its debts. The officers of the company have no personal liabilities and are not made bankrupt and are free to incorporate another company. The shareholders are liable only to the extent of any unpaid shares held which is rare. By contrast, if you trade as a partnership or as an individual, the creditors can claim on all your property to satisfy the debts, and if this is insufficient you may be declared bankrupt. An undercharged bankrupt is forbidden to start another business or to become a director of a limited company.

Starting up in business:
we are able to arrange tax planning and structured corporate advice and solutions, utilising the advantages of double tax treaties, trusts and Limited Liability Partnerships along with other structures and support. Allow us to help you register your company and get it running, to select the best business for incorporation, or to form your company with the Companies House. Same day companies formation, this means that the registration of a limited company is one simple and low cost method to protect a business name. Company formations usually completed in 4-6 hours using Companies House online business registration services.

If you have an idea for a business, we can also assist you in start-up your new business directly in the UK from the ground up. Starting a business in the UK can be a fairly simple and painless process. Let us know how we can help you to start a business.

Our pakage includes:
- Certificate of Incorporation,
- Memorandum and Articles of Association
- Combined registers,
- £1000 authorised share capital,
- Swiss Bank Account
- Forms 287 to register the address of the company,
- Forms 288a to appoint the new director and secretary,
- Form 225 to change the accounting date,
- Certificate of non trading and good standing,
- Share certificates and Share transfer forms,
- Authentication with Apostille,
- Registered Agent first year annual fee,
- UK Registerd Office (It''s NOT a PO Box!)
- Seal

Price: € 2,500.00

Shipping: Can ship anywhere by FedEx, the shipping cost is included in the price.

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